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Nature Journal

What I Learned From Apprenticing at a Nature School

Find out how Soaring Eagle Nature School’s Apprenticeship Program allowed Mikaela to experience what she believes to be the most child-focused educational philosophy & shifted her world view in the process.  I’m blindfolded on the forest floor playing a game with...

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Join Us August 11th: Forest Learners Virtual Open House

Soaring Eagle Nature School is accepting children aged 7 to 9 to join the 2020-21 school year in the Forest Learners 3 to 4 day per week program! You're invited to join our virtual Open House and Q&A to learn more about this unique program and take the first step...

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Our Current Covid-19 Protocols

Open our complete Summer Camp Covid Policies (PDF) As the Covid-19 situation changes, we will keep parents informed of camp policy changes and new recommendations. The more your child is familiar with these policies before camp, the easier it may be for them at camp....

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Full-time Nature School: Forest Learners Q&A Recap

Recap from the Virtual Open House held on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020  Soaring Eagle’s full-time nature school program for 7 to 9 year olds is going into its second year in 2020-21, starting out of parent interest the previous year. Soaring Eagle Nature School’s...

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Registration News

Updates on August 11th, 2020: General Registration for 2020-21 Year-long Nature School is open. Programs with openings:  Young Sprouts Weekly Nature School | Ages 4-6 | 10am to 2pm  (2 spots) Wednesdays – North Vancouver Full-time Forest Learners | Ages 7-9 | 9:30am...

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8 Shields Model

The 8 shields model is based on the patterns and cycles found in nature; for example, the sun rising in the East, moving across to the South, dropping down in the West, and resting in the North. This cycle affects our daily schedule and how we feel throughout the day....

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Preparing for Nature School

At Soaring Eagle Nature School, we know that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! And since we live in the rainy Pacific Northwest and are outside for extended periods of time, it just means we need exceptional clothing and gear! We recognize that...

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A Typical Day

A day at forest school should excite every sense, breathe life into learning, inspire gratitude, and leave eyes sparkling. The sequence of events in a typical day aims to be in harmony with aspects of human nature, where everyone has a chance to be open, feel...

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