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The Apprenticeship is an opportunity to discover and share your gifts in nature connection and mentor young learners in their joyful growth at Soaring Eagle Nature School. Through 6 Saturday cohort training days and 7 practicum days at Soaring Eagle’s Monthly Nature School program, you can develop the skills and facilitation techniques that contribute to the program’s underlying curiosity-led and student-driven approach.

Apprenticeship for Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 is full. Sign up for the waitlist to be contacted for next year. When it is time to apply, the first step is sending a completed Apprenticeship Application (PDF) to julia@soaringeaglenatureschool.org

Program Highlights   

  • Development of land-based naturalist and survival skills
  • Experience educational approaches that follow natural rhythms and the natural learning journey
  • Learn sensory development games and activities
  • Witness and support facilitation of outdoor curriculum pieces with practicum component of the program, including nature-based games, songs, and stories 
  • Deepening awareness and sense of belonging to community and place
  • Training in the 8 Shields Model and Coyote Mentoring, the foundation of Soaring Eagle Nature School’s educational philosophy
  • Understanding hazards and how to take care of yourself and others in the forest
  • Explore technologies of the natural world and their influence on our culture and lives, in the past and today 

Program Details

Cohort Training: 6 Saturdays from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022
Sep 18, Nov 20, Jan 15, Feb 26, Apr 30, Jun 4
9AM – 3PM

Practicum Component: 7 days at Monthly Nature School



What Families are Saying

“The program was way more than I hoped for, it reached down inside me and pulled out this person that had not been around for a while. It woke her up, shook the dust off her and set her firmly down on the forest floor with an instruction to open her eyes and look around. And I’ve been here marvelling at what I see ever since..” – Sally, Apprenticeship Program Participant

“I joined the Apprenticeship Program as a professional development opportunity to gain experience with a mentoring style that would allow me to deepen my students connection to nature on outdoor education experiences. However, integrating Coyote Mentoring into my practice had impact beyond my outdoor education students and also had a positive impact on my students in the classroom. The holistic approaches helps bring out that innate desire to learn in all students and has allowed us to build better connections with nature and each other.” – Sara, Apprenticeship Program Participant

“Being in the Apprenticeship Program felt like I was experiencing the forest for the first time. As an avid trail runner and backpacker, I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on. I joined to learn about outdoor education, but I left with a connection to nature that has become the most important thing in my life.” – Mikaela, Apprenticeship Program Participant