Eli Took Initiative to Complete his own Species-A-Thon Raising $1,000 for UNYA

Eli, a 10-year-old in Weekly Nature School who has been attending since 2016, completed his own species-a-thon in Pacific Spirit Park to raise funds for the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA), identifying 84 species and raising $1,000! 

A note from Eli:

For the species-a-thon I identified 84 species, which raised a total of $929! Then someone boosted their donation to help me reach my goal of $1000. I was very happy. 

I tried my best with identifying everything and the things I did not know, I looked up when I got home. A few things I left with questions marks that I could not find the proper name for. 


Soaring Eagle Nature School is fundraising on an ongoing basis for UNYA with a goal of raising $25,000. Please stay tuned for more fundraising initiatives HERE! Donations can be made at any time on our GoFundMe page.