Our Commitment to Quality Education: Understanding Our New Sliding Scale Prices

Our prices are going up. Here’s why…


Over the past 16 years of programming, Soaring Eagle Nature School has come to recognize that there are only two ingredients to success. Access to incredible nature AND connection with compassionate, dedicated and caring educators. We have no walls or no school bus, our program is the relationships we build with our learners and the land. We know this because our most frequently asked question from parents is “Is (insert incredible instructor’s name here) coming back next year?”

Not only do we want to recruit great nature educators, but we want them to be able to stay. Our increased fees will allow us to:

  • Offer a living wage in an increasing costly city
  • Support our educators with health care benefits
  • Provide ongoing training so educators are always bringing fresh ideas, knowledge and skills to their programs

This is our dream. To invest in the people who care about your kids. We also know that many families are facing the increasing costs of living, so here is our plan. You’ll notice that upon registration you’ll see a sliding scale, ranging from the minimum amount we need to keep the status quo to the amount we need to make our dream a reality. We ask families to consider how much they can commit to the program, knowing upfront how their funds will be invested. Of course, your choice will remain confidential to our team, and we sincerely welcome whatever amount a family chooses to pay.

Please reach out to Verena if you have any questions by emailing verena@soaringeaglenatureschool.org.