Year-long Nature School

Forest Learners

Ages 6 to 10


9:30AM to 3PM

6,250 + tax

The Forest Learners Program is an immersive three or four day per week nature-based program that includes elements of the BC core curriculum and academics for an alternative, inspiring schooling experience. One day in a nature house classroom complements two to three days in the forest, allowing students to learn life, naturalist, and survival skills alongside math, reading, writing, science. The program sets learners up for a life of deep nature connection, resiliency, positive learning, and total comfort in the natural world. 

To join the Forest Learner Program, come to an Open House to learn more about what we do, and get on the Forest Learners wait list. From there, you and your child can visit the program to ensure a good fit. If we agree about fit, you may register online. 

Each year, kids move up together as a group. Age groups for the 2021-22 school year are 8 to 10 for Pod 1 and 6 to 7 for Pod 2.

Program Highlights 

  • Three full days of Soaring Eagle Nature School programming, providing deep learning of naturalist and survival skills, but also math, reading, writing, science, and more in the forest
  • An optional fourth day with a mix of academic study, field trips, and outdoor learning. (Please note that kids need to be registered with Island Discovery (IDLC) to participate in this day)
  • One indoor day at a nature house with movable walls, large windows, plenty of natural light, and nature trails at our doorstep
  • Small class size (10-12 kids) and high adult to child ratio (1:6)
  • Project and passion-based learning approaches to the BC core curriculum for Grades 1 to 3
  • Field trips to explore different ecosystems and habitats
  • A focus on crafting such as weaving, sewing, making cordage, and more
  • Survival skills such as carving, shelter building, navigation, wildlife tracking, mammal ID, bird language, and edible and medicinal plants
  • Song, theatre, music, and art
  • A non-coercive, gentle, and feelings-based approach to communication and play
  • Emphasis on emotional awareness, compassion, and gratitude

Program Details

Mondays & Thursdays – Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Tuesdays – Maplewood Flats Conservation Area

Siblings receive a 10% discount

2020-21 DATES
First day – Sep 14, 2020
Last day – June 10, 2021

No program due to stat holidays – Oct 12, Nov 11, Feb 15, Apr 5, May 24
Last day before Winter Break – Dec 17
Program resumes after Winter Break – Jan 11
Last day before Spring Break – March 11
Program resumes after Spring Break – March 29

An optional fourth day takes place on Wednesday. Kids enrolled with Island Discovery (IDLC) can take part on this day. The day is a mix of academic study, field trips, and outdoor learning. There’s no additional program cost for this day, aside from field trip fees and room rental fees. The teacher is hired by IDLC, in collaborating with Soaring Eagle.  Wednesday is the only optional day. All other days have required attendance.



What Families are Saying

“Our son loves the Forest Learners program! Not only does he get to spend his days outdoors with a small group of kids and caring instructors, he is learning about the natural world while developing age appropriate skills in literacy and numeracy. This is what school should look like for all students – outdoors, integrated and full of joy!” -Magda, Forest Learners Parent

“Our 6 year-old son looks forward to forest school each and every day – in all weather. He has learned so much about the rhythms of the seasons, about flora and fauna, and about how to co-exist with (and in) nature. More than that, he has learned how to sit and listen, how to tell stories, and how to notice what’s around him. Our son shows us daily that this is the right ‘schooling’ experience for his body, mind, and spirit.” – Geordie, Forest Learners Parent

“I love school because it’s in the forest.” -Walker, Forest Learner