Year-long Nature School

Forest Learners Middle School

Grades 4 to 7


9:30AM to 3PM

8,050 + tax

$50 Application Fee (non-refundable)

The Forest Learners Middle School Program is an immersive two-day-per-week nature-based program which can be combined with another two-day program run by a public Online School blended program. More information about this program will be provided upon registration.

The Soaring Eagle Nature School days allow children to learn life, naturalist, and survival skills. The program sets learners up for a life of deep nature connection, resiliency, positive learning, and total comfort in the natural world. Each year, the students continue with their same cohort, and the curriculum adapts to the kids’ ages as they grow older.


To deliver outdoor education that prioritizes embodied nature connection, social-emotional support, and experiential learning in the delivery of BC curriculum.


  • Teaching to the whole child and meeting learners where they are at
  • Creating meaningful connection to the natural world, community, and others
  • Encouraging play, imagination, and a sense of awe in all we do
  • Fostering a community where mentors, teachers, and parents are all involved in the learning of a child

See the Forest Learners Info Session Recap and Q&A


Monday and Thursday: These days are under the direction of Soaring Eagle Nature School, offering in-depth nature-based education and skill-building sessions at Capilano River Regional Park.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Run by a public Online School blended program. More information about this program will be provided upon registration.

Please Note

  • No fees are charged by the Online School- Any fees pertain solely to the Soaring Eagle Nature School programming.
  • Students who enroll in the Soaring Eagle Forest Learner Program are also enrolled in the Online School and assigned a BC-certified teacher who collaborates with the family to create a Learning Plan. This plan includes:
    • Classes once or twice a week led by their teacher
    • Classes with Soaring Eagle Nature School
    • Other classes or support in the community
    • Learning at home

To join the Forest Learner Program, fill out the form to register your interest. We will contact you based on your preferences to have a conversation about what you are looking for in your child’s education program and determine together if we are the right fit. Then, your child can join an in-person visit week, and if everything is seamless, we will take a deposit upon acceptance.

What makes the Forest Learner Middle School different?

  1. Hands-on, experiential learning: Rather than a traditional classroom setting, students are immersed in nature and can actively explore and discover their surroundings. This type of learning is highly engaging and helps foster curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. 
  2. Academic achievement. Designed to meet the curriculum competencies of the BC education system and the developmental stages of the pre-teen, the children work in six-week learning cycles that are cross-curricular. Having personal, social, and relevant projects and activities that integrate multiple subjects promotes a holistic understanding of various topics and allows students to make connections between different disciplines.
  3. Environmental awareness: By spending time outdoors regularly, the program creates an appreciation for the natural environment among students. They intuitively develop a deep connection with nature and understand its importance while they simultaneously learn about ecosystems, wildlife habitats, plant life cycles, soil composition, and more. This fosters environmental stewardship and a sense of responsibility toward preserving the natural world.
  4. Socio-Emotional growth: Honouring the developmental stage of the middle school age and the period of discovering their sense of self, added emphasis is on social and emotional awareness and the ability to address conflict with and among peers. When space is designed and created to address conflict, students can learn to care for themselves and their peers in meaningful ways while teachers are present as support.

Program Details

Mondays, Thursdays – Capilano River Regional Park
Tuesdays, Wednesdays – Camp Capilano

Siblings receive a $675 discount

2023-24 DATES

First day:  Sept 11, 2023

No program due to stat holidays: Oct 9, Feb 19, April 1, May 20

Last day before Winter Break: Dec 14

Program resumes from Winter Break: Jan 8

Last day before Spring Break: March 14

Program resumes from Spring Break: April 2

Last day: June 6, 2023

*Please note within these dates there will be field trips as well as pro-d days that will be added to the school calendar.


2024-25 DATES

Dates: September 9- June 12

Winter break: December 16-January 3

Spring break: March 17-28



What Families are Saying

“Our son loves the Forest Learners program! Not only does he get to spend his days outdoors with a small group of kids and caring instructors, he is learning about the natural world while developing age appropriate skills in literacy and numeracy. This is what school should look like for all students – outdoors, integrated and full of joy!” – Magda, Forest Learners Parent

“This year, the Forest Learners program has been a gift to our child and to our family. This program is deeply rooted in a holistic approach to child development. From physical and emotional development to embodied and cerebral learning, we feel like THIS is the way to learn. We are so grateful for this program and the incredible teachers who guide our child into new levels of knowledge, problem-solving skills, and very importantly, confidence.” – Carla, Forest Learners Parent

    “Our 6 year-old son looks forward to forest school each and every day – in all weather. He has learned so much about the rhythms of the seasons, about flora and fauna, and about how to co-exist with (and in) nature. More than that, he has learned how to sit and listen, how to tell stories, and how to notice what’s around him. Our son shows us daily that this is the right ‘schooling’ experience for his body, mind, and spirit.” – Geordie, Forest Learners Parent