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Our Current Covid-19 Protocols

Open our complete Summer Camp Covid Policies (PDF)

As the Covid-19 situation changes, we will keep parents informed of camp policy changes and new recommendations.

The more your child is familiar with these policies before camp, the easier it may be for them at camp.

Any child who exhibits behaviour that is not conductive to physical distancing, and who needs support will either be asked to attend with another adult, or will be asked to not come to program. 

If you or those close to you are at higher risk for severe illness with Covid-19, please consider carefully if this camp is for you.


Children and instructors will not come to program if showing any signs or symptoms 

  • Parents are required to screen their children at home each day before program (check temperature and symptoms of cough or breathing difficulties)
  • Parents will answer daily screening questions upon arrival and will be turned away if responses put others at risk (contact with someone with suspected or probable case of Covid-19 and any signs/symptoms)
  • Children exhibiting symptoms during program will be isolated from the group and a staff will request parent pick up immediately
  • Instructors exhibiting symptoms or coming into contact with someone with Covid-19 will not return to program and a substitute will take their place

Instructor to child ratio will be 1 instructor to 5-7 kids

  • Since groups will be smaller than previous years, friend requests for groups may not be possible and we will not accommodate group switches after the first day of camp

Sanitation will be maintained

  • Instructors will carry hand sanitizer at all times and will ask kids to sanitize hands upon arrival, before snack, lunch, and 2 hours after lunch
  • Children are asked to pack hand sanitizer and keep it accessible
  • Instructors will carry personal masks and extras, and will wear them if not able to physically distance
  • Instructors will carry gloves and wear them when appropriate
  • Children will not be allowed to share any food, drink, tools, clothing, gear or supplies while at camp
  • Instructors will remind kids to limit touching their faces, use tissue when needed, and properly dispose of used tissue or paper towels
  • PPE can be sent with kids and we can educate around PPE if a child is using it, but it is optional

The Provincial Health Authority states, “Wearing cloth or homemade mask, particularly children, is not recommended. There is limited evidence outside of health care settings and only in uncontrolled situations where physical distancing between adults cannot be maintained for extended periods of time (greater than 15 minutes with a person who has probable or lab confirmed COVID-19). Wearing one is a personal choice,” and “Managing students with complex behaviours, on a delegated care plan or experiencing a health emergency may require staff to be in close physical proximity with the student. No additional personal protective equipment beyond normal universal precautions are required.” 

Physical distance will be maintained

  • Instructors will ensure that children are 2 meters apart or with ample space between them
  • Parents will be asked to drop off kids and leave right away to prevent gathering in groups
  • Children who exhibit behaviour that is not conductive to physical distancing and who needs support will either be asked to attend with another adult or not come to program
  • Instructors will have tarps for their small groups for kids to take turns underneath on rainy days, and proper clothing is a priority
  • Physical distancing must be followed at all times by all children regardless of isolation “pods”, “bubbles” or “containers” with other kids. At camp, all children, regardless of their “pods” are expected to abide by our covid protocols

Contact-less games

  • Games and activities will be altered to avoid tagging and close contact

Contact-less sign in

  • Parents will line up with their children 2 meters away from the family in front to sign in before the child can head to their instructor
  • Sign in will be done by making visual eye contact and speaking with the on-site Director

No big group time

  • Unlike previous years, we will not spend the mornings in a large group. Small groups will head off together with their instructors once their group is complete

Rainy Days

  • As always, camp runs rain or shine. Please send your children with appropriate rain gear if it is cloudy and/or raining. Children who do not have appropriate gear will not be able to attend camp
  • All instructors will have tarps for their small, individual groups and will set them up in a way so that kids can take turns underneath and be physically distanced
  • Sending additional clothing on rainy days for added layers and for changing is always a good idea

Potluck & t-shirts

  • We will not have a potluck with the big group, but will invite parents to join the closing circle of the individual small groups
  • We will not be ordering new t-shirts and will provide t-shirts from last year or issue a refund

Friend Requests

  • We will do our best to accommodate friend requests within groups. As our groups will be smaller than previous years, this may not always be possible. We will not be accommodating any group switches after the first day of camp so as to limit the number of kids in proximity. Please be sure to add your friend request in your online account. This needs to be done the Monday before camp starts, as that is when the groups are made.