Teens Wild Within

Wild Within Teen Adventures
*inspired by the Wilderness Awareness School teen program

Join us once a month for our teen wilderness adventure program. Over the
course of a year, participants will spend 4 weekends immersing themselves in
the wild lands of Southwestern BC and 4 Saturdays at local parks honing their
skills. We will explore new places, new skills and dive deep into wild adventures.

What: Wild Within is for teens who wish to fully explore their local bioregion and
learn what it means to survive and thrive in the wilderness. As a group we will
learn survival skills that connect us to the natural world and gain invaluable
experience living in the wild. The Saturday sessions are intended to provide
focus time for the skills we will need for the final two overnights in the spring.

When: The program meets from September to June.
Fall 2018: Sept 14-16; Oct 19-20; Nov 24 (Saturday); Dec 15 (Saturday)
Spring 2019: Jan 19 (Saturday); Feb 9 (Saturday); Apr 26-28; June 7-9

Each overnight weekend starts Friday at 5pm and ends Sunday around 3pm.
Two breakfasts and Saturday dinner are provided; participants provide their own
Saturdays run from 10am-4pm

Where: We will travel to several different locations within Southwestern BC,
including Manning Park, the Sunshine Coast and the Duffey Lake mountains
north of Pemberton.
The Saturday sessions will happen at Stephanie’s favourite parks around the
lower mainland, including: Minnekhada Regional Park, Lower Seymour
Conservation Reserve and Seymour Mountain.

Cost: $1350     PROGRAM FULL – Register here for the wait list

Payments can be made in 3 installments. September 1, December 1 and March 1.

Ages: 13-18

Over the course of the year, you will learn:
· Survival skills such as fire by friction, shelter building, navigation, knife use
and bow making
· Tarp setup and knots
· Wilderness cooking and camp stove usage
· Naturalist skills such as Bird and Mammal ID, Reptile and Amphibian ID,
as well as many other species in our bio-region

· Edible and Medicinal plants
· Animal Tracking and Trailing
· Bird language
· Leadership skills

Each weekend will have a different focus and will bring a different set of skills
based on the season and location.

Mentoring Style: The instructors will be mentoring the youth in the lineage of
Coyote Mentoring. We will use the art of questioning and passion based learning
for our approach and will guide the youth towards self-reliance and self-
sufficiency. In addition to the wilderness skills, the youth will be learning how to
set-up and run the daily tasks of camp. Our goal is that by the end of our
sessions, the youth will effectively be running camp.