Overnight Wilderness Adventure Camp

Sorry! Overnight Wilderness Adventure Camp is not running in 2018. We love this camp and plan to offer it Summer 2019.

Come explore and spend a week with us in the wild!  We are thrilled to be offering this week of camp, where we are able to use our skills in many new situations. We can hang out by the fire and make crafts and carve, harvest wild foods and cook them together, go on night walks and delve deep into learning about the forest.  

This week of camp is an opportunity for experienced campers to push their edges and put all of their experience and skills into action. Its also for campers who want to have a totally new experience in the wild. We will learn through hands-on experience, nature based games, awareness challenges, stories, and also will have lots of time to relax and hang out together outside. All activities will be offered as a choice, and campers can choose how far to push their limits.


  • Build Primitive Shelters and sleep in them
  • Learn and make Fire by Friction
  • Practice Knife Skills and carving
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Harvest Wild Plants for food
  • Cook over the fire
  • Tell stories and sing songs around the fire
  • Make Bows and Arrows and learn how to safely use them
  • Increase our awareness
  • Sleep outside under the stars
  • Play awesome games
  • Use our hands to make nature-based crafts

Logistical Info:


Ages: 10-15

Cost includes 5 days of camp, 3 meals a day, accommodation and an organic cotton T-shirt. Food allergies are taken into account when planning the food. Delicious, mostly organic food will be prepared by our camp chef.