Sunday Monthly, Pacific Spirit Park, Ages 13-18

“Practice the ancient skills and connect to the earth.”

In this program we will be exploring different ways of connecting to the land we live on and the web of life we share it with. As a participant, you will learn how to better understand and survive in the landscapes around your home; starting with going outside, getting your hands dirty and diving into the odd bush or two. But that’s just the beginning. 

Here are some of the subjects we will be investigating:

  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Mammals and wildlife tracking
  • Bird language and bird identification
  • Forest stealth and natural camouflage
  • Primitive and survival skills:
    • Friction fire
    • Shelter building
    • Traps
    • Cordage
    • Bows

The curriculum is planned according to the seasons and what is going on in the forest. While we have a plan for each day, nothing is set in stone. We use what is happening in the forest, as well your passions to guide us.

See you in the woods!

2017-2018 Schedule: 

There is no 2017-2018 Teen Program at this location.