Interested in helping with Soaring Eagle Nature School Programs? You might also be interested in the Apprenticeship Program


Volunteers will be working with children from the ages of 4-18 (range to be determined based on need and experience.) The curriculum includes and is not limited to: ecology, edible and medicinal plants, basic outdoor/survival skills, wildlife tracking, bird identification and behavior, navigation with and without map and compass, sensory development games and activities.


  • Basic naturalist knowledge, ideally from this bioregion. You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need a desire to explore just as much as the children, and to engage with them in the learning process so that they can discover and solve natural mysteries. We learn in and from the natural spaces we explore.
  • Experience working with children in a non-coercive and supportive way. This may include experience with: non-violent communication (or other similar frameworks), a strengths-based approach, supporting internal validation and self-directed inquiry.

Applicants must be 18 or older, unless with special permission.

Time Commitment

For Monthly programs, attending all 7 programs Sept-May.


Soaring Eagle offers training in a variety of skills and topics throughout the year. Volunteers will receive a discount rate to attend. The training will give you a foundation in Coyote Mentoring, as well as the basics of the Soaring Eagle Nature School Educational Philosophy and Practice and will also focus on developing land-based skills.


Soaring Eagle Volunteers report to the Program Lead Instructor and the Program Manager.


 We are able to provide a reference letter upon request.


Applications are now OPEN for Year-Long (Sept 2018 – May 2019) internships

To apply, please email the following to info(at)soaringeaglenatureschool(dot)org

  • Your resume with name and contact info 
  • Your responses the following questions:
  1. Why do you want to intern with Soaring Eagle Nature School?
  2. For what time frame are you interested in volunteering? (A few weeks/ a season / a year / several years…)
  3. What are some skills/interests you think you can bring to our program?
  4. What is your experience working with children and youth?
  5. What is your relationship with the natural world?
  6. What is your approach to facilitation and/or learning and teaching?
  7. What is your familiarity with survival skills and also with naturalist skills of this bio-region?
  8. What is your availability and schedule?
  9. Do you believe in magic?

We look forward to hearing from you! 




Testimonial from a Summer Camp Intern:

Hey Soaring Eagle I’ve just landed back home in Wales and I just wanted to send a message to thank you personally for everything Soaring Eagle has done for me. You guys welcomed a community into my life that I thought I was isolated within. It was such a blessing to be put in a position where I could use my own growth mentally, soulfully and spiritually to aid the values of younger generations. But apart from the children and incredible location, I feel so lucky to have been given the impression of every instructor in this team into my life, from your staff’s contagious enthusiasm, empowering inner strength, welcoming calm energy, I could be here forever listing everyone! I will undoubtedly carry this experience as a part of my soul in my adventures to come, knowing somewhere out there, there are others just like me. What you do is amazing. I know this whole experience will stay with me for much time to come. Thank you!!! 

-Holly, Summer Camp Intern, Wales.