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Staff Training Weekend of Wildness

The Soaring Eagle Nature School philosophy follows passions and curiosities to lead to learning and growth. This applies to the program participants, as well as staff. Whenever possible, the staff take the opportunity to learn together, like at our staff training weekend in the Elaho Valley. Eleven staff gathered together in the rains to practice what we teach, deep connection to nature, each other and ourselves.

Go team!


Lots of time to learn together in the forest. Secrets of the alder bark!

What do the trees tell us?

Important frog investigations

Communication with the plants and the people. Time to carve!

A serious new hairstyle

What does the snail whisper?

Gratitude for the land


Celebration Time

After every program, whether year-long or week-long we invite families to a potluck celebration on the last day. This is a chance to build the Soaring Eagle Nature School community, parents meet each other and the instructors and we all share food & stories about what magic has unfolded in the program. Parents share their experiences as well, as Beverly (parent) put it, “Rain or shine, my kid never wants to leave the forest. We’ve hiked with him since he was a baby but he has a confidence in the forest now that he hadn’t before.”

Story Of The Day: Gratitude, Ninjas & Elderberries

At Soaring Eagle Nature School, parents receive a Story Of The Day email to learn about what the kids got up to in the program. Here’s a Story Of The Day from a Young Sprouts program instructed by Jenna and Cara this month:

Hello SENS Families!
Yesterday we were met with grey clouds and pending rain, and into the forest we went!
We started out playing Wolves and Ravens. The Ravens tried to steal food from the Wolves, who had just gotten a fresh kill. When the Ravens were caught by the Wolves, the Animal Rescuers came and saved them. We learned that the Ravens have to be persistent and try and grab food from the Wolves as often as they can.
We shared our gratitudes for the day and then during snack, Cara told a wonderful story about a Weaver bird named Baya. They are the only bird that know how to tie a half hitch! Its the first knot they do to start the building of their nest. The story was about Baya, who grew up in a community of weaver birds, and rather than go to the daily lessons on knot tying and nest building, he napped, or explored instead. When it was time for him to start building his nest and think about a mate, he slacked off and didn’t worry. He told everyone he could build his nest in an hour! When he finally decided to try, he couldn’t pick the right kind of grass. Then he got his wing tied up in his knot, and then his foot! Finally, he realized he would need help, and that he should have listened to his elders. He was lucky, and was visited by an elder bird, who helped him learn how to tie the half hitch, and start his nest.
After,  it was time for some Ninja training. We warmed our bodies and practiced our stealth by following each other as a group, over the hill and back down, and then back over and around.

Beautiful Elderberry beads freshly made

Once we were warm, we started making some beads out of dead Red Elderberry that we had harvested along the trail. First, you push the inner pith out from the centre, and then use a rock to scrape off the bark. Then, using sandpaper you clean the outside and smooth it out and also the inside. we all made several beads and then got some string to use for making a necklace or bracelet. Cara showed us all how to tie a half hitch, just like the Weaver Bird. We all made them for gifts for people we love.
We ate out lunch to warm up our bodies and then headed off. At another spot, we played Warrior Stalk, where we had only a few seconds to run towards Cara before we hide to hide again. Getting closer and closer, we could eventually tag her and then make it back to our starting spot, with only 7-10 second intervals. It was hard, but we are all getting better and better at hiding and sneaking!
Then it was time to head back, so we re-traced our footsteps, with our beads in our pockets and found all of you.
Thanks for a wonderful day!
Jenna and Cara