Wild Nature, Wild Soul

Location: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Date: June 17-18

Time: 9am-4pm


Instructors: Stephanie MacKay and Daniella Roze

Join us for a weekend of deep connection with wild nature and our wild soul. In our time together, we will invite the wisdom of the natural world, in its many forms, to guide us as we navigate the landscape of Soul and the Sacred Other. Our days will include awareness practices in the morning, followed by discussions on topics such as; spiritual ecology, wide mind awareness, and relationships with the other-than-human world. We will carry these topics with us as we spend mid-day on the land in a solo wander.


As we walk the land, we will encounter and expand our relationship with plants, learning to converse with these companions while exploring their gifts of food and medicine. So rarely do we take the time to be alone on the land, with our senses wide and alive. This time is to allow the opening of relationship to occur as we dedicate our wanders to entering more fully into the home of the wild. Finally, we will sit in council, sharing a sacred space of speaking and listening from the heart. Through this journey we will enliven the wild within and deepen our sense of belonging to the earth.

Course content includes:

  • Cultivating a relationship with Nature as our guide and listening to the language of the earth
  • Learning the art of council as a tool for communication and expression
  • Experiencing the power of medicine walks as a pathway to connect with self and the natural world, to gain clarity, practice mindfulness, and relieve stress
  • Identifying wild plants for food and medicine

For questions, please contact Stephanie:

Email: stephanie(AT)soaringeaglenatureschool(DOT)org