Autism Nature Day

Workshop on Sat March 10, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Cost: $60 REGISTER HERE (Select “Summer 2018” season online)

Join us for a day of learning about Autism. This workshop will go over what Autism is, the ways in which it can manifest in people, what is going on for children who are on the spectrum and how we, as nature educators, can best support children with ASD in forest settings. We will go over Best Practice Teaching of students with Autism, and how to be aware and inclusive of students who have a variety of needs. We will also have time to look at case studies and for people to bring specific cases and questions to her.

You will learn practical strategies that you can use in your mentoring and teaching and apply to many facets of your life.

The workshop will benefit classroom teachers, outdoor educators, respite workers, personal aides and anyone interested in learning new ways of interacting with people.

The workshop is a mix of lecture, group discussion and Q and A time. Bring your case studies if you have any.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for the workshop.

The Facilitator: 
With 18 years’ experience as a teacher, Tara Sutherland currently works for the Coquitlam School District on the Inclusion Support Team – Autism Spectrum Disorder. As an IST-ASD teacher she spends her time supporting schools, teachers, and families on ways to meaningfully include children with Autism within their learning community.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and has a wide range of experience working with children with Autism.  She is passionate about teaching and learning, and attends workshops and seminars to continually better her practice.


(Select “Summer 2018” season for online registration)

Cost: $60.00 

Date: Saturday, March 10th

Time: 9:30-3:30

Location: The Education Trailer in the LSCR upper parking lot (all the way up Lillooet Road, North Vancouver)

Driving: From HWY 1, cross the Second Narrows Bridge. Take the Lillooet Exit. take Lillooet Road all the way to the top- over many speed bumps, and continue until the Rice Lake Gate. There is a parking lot at the top to the right. You’ll see the permanent trailer.

Public Transit, bus 228 stops at Underwood Ave at Evelyn Street. Walk past the cafe and North-east on Rice Lake Road. This heads down and across the suspension bridge over the canyon. Head up the other side and you will find the Gazebo. Keep walking past the bathrooms to the trailer. The walk is approx 15 minutes. 



Do you want to connect with nature?

If you’re anything like I was when I first got the calling to nature connection then you’ve probably already got a lot of reasons why you want to have this experience.

The questions that most people have once they start to get excited about learning are things like…

How do I get started?
Where will I find the time?
What if I can’t take a whole year out of my life to do an immersion program?

This is the first challenge that prevents beginning trackers, herbalists and nature geeks from making the kind of progress they crave.

But imagine if you had a mentor holding a commitment to your success on the path of being fully alive and connected to nature.  Someone who would check in with you on a regular basis to help you work through your questions, blocks and help you to really start moving with your learning process.

That’s exactly what we’re offering through our brand new telephone mentoring services.  Ongoing weekly mentoring is one of the best ways to get connected to nature in a way that fits with your lifestyle.  You’ll find information about this exciting new program in the flyer attached to this email.

Each mentoring package is personalized and designed to meet you at whatever stage of learning you are in. You will be guided to new discoveries and a deeper sense of connection to the world around you.

I personally believe this connection is fundamental to the future health and well being of humans and our planet. 

In addition to the information on the flyer I want to point out that there are generally four different pathways that you can choose to take as you go through the program.

  1. Nature Connection
    • Get oriented to the routines that produce nature connection.
    • Sit Spot and the most foundational mentoring experience.
  2. Animal Tracking and Bird Language Focus
    • Explore Tracking and Bird Language in the outer landscape and your inner landscape.
    • Learn the mechanics of how to develop deep awareness.
  3. Connecting Pathways
    • As we connect with nature and our senses stretch outward, we also travel within and learn to connect with who we are and what our true purpose in life is.
  4. Open Focus
    • Mentoring in any other context not covered by the previous programs.
    • Recommended for people who have significant experience and want support for any other learning or project on a passion basis.

Sign Up for Weekly telephone calls

Receive ongoing guidance and support as you experience a journey of nature connection.  Learn routines to foster a deep knowledge of place.  Push the edges of your awareness to discover the natural passion in your soul.  Transformation in nature.  One hour per week of mentoring plus “dirt time” in-between sessions.  4 months – $400.

Can be done from anywhere and started at anytime. Try your first session for free.

Click here to have Brian contact you.

Brian MertinsBrian Mertins offers personal mentoring services through the Soaring Eagle Nature School. Brian holds a deep commitment to nature connection and mentoring. He is a graduate of the Anake Outdoor School and the Anake Leadership Program, both of which are offered through the Wilderness Awareness School. Brian is a level 3 track & sign Cybertracker and he continues to work towards becoming a Master Tracker. He completed a permaculture design certification in summer of 2009. Brian’s strongest passion is studying the subtle mechanics of bird language. He has used the ancient awareness of bird language to track the concentric rings of hawks, owls, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, and homo sapiens. He loves sharing stories and eating good food with friends.

For more information, check out his Bird Language offering here. You may also contact Brian directly at