Our MISSION at Soaring Eagle Nature School is to empower people to discover and share their gifts through meaningful connections with the natural world.

VISION: A culture of nature-connected people

On Being on Unceded Land

We recognize and honour that we are on unceded and stolen native land. This includes the territories of the Musqueam, Skxwú7mesh-ulh (pronounced Squamish or Skohomish), Stó:lo and Tsleil-Waututh (pronounced slay-wa-tooth, aka Burrard) nations. By acknowledging this and acknowledging the privilege we have as settlers on this land, we wish to take steps to stop the further perpetuation of colonization of people and the land. Many of the skills we practice and teach have come from a long line of oral tradition and daily use. We are grateful for the teachers we have had in our lives and for the people who continue to hold the tradition of these skills.


  • Recognizing and Honouring that we are on Unceded Territory

    We recognize and honour that we are on unceded and stolen native land. As settlers we need to be continually working on decolonizing ourselves and forming solid, deeply rooted and nourishing, wholesome relationships with each other, with First Peoples, and with all beings on this land.

  • Place-Based Knowledge

    By having strong relationships with the bio-region that surrounds us we can better understand our role within it. Our curriculum includes wildlife tracking, edible and medicinal plants, bird ID and understanding bird language, naturalist skills as well as survival skills. All of these situated within the bio-region that we are in.

  • Diversity

    We honour that each person learns in different ways. By teaching in a number of different ways, we aim to meet the needs of everyone we work with, and try to be as accessible as possible with what we teach. Our staff all have various and diverse backgrounds with many combined years of being teachers and nature mentors. We are also extremely accessible in our pricing, and no one has ever been turned away from one of our programs.

  • Reverence and Gratitude

    We are a unique school. Our teachings are grounded in gratitude and a deep respect and reverence for the earth. Our students become grounded in this practice. Through gratitude and reverence for the natural world, we can begin to see the strengths and gifts in each of our students, and enable them to discover and share their gifts with the rest of the world.

  • Curiosity and Student Driven

    When immersed in our own passions and curiosities, learning can be effortless, like an eagle soaring. We teach using passion based learning and follow the lead of our students.

  • Traditional/Ancestral/Land-Based Skills

    By having strong ties to the land around us, we begin to see and feel the countless interdependencies and inter-connections of all the beings around us. By using and creating tools and crafts that we have made with our hands from the natural world around us, we begin to see how we are woven into all the beings around us. Our wisdom comes from the earth, from traditional place-based cultures, and from our own unique creativity.

  • Creating Culture

    We want to create an intergenerational community of naturalists from children through elders. We are working to create a culture where our students become mentors of future students. As this base of mentors grows, we envision expanding to provide education throughout the Lower Mainland: Vancouver, Coquitlam, Delta, Burnaby and North Vancouver. We believe that is this generation of children who will be so strongly connected to the natural world that they will fully understand their place within it.